Important Radon Information for Homesellers

There are numerous things a person can do to improve their chances of selling their home. A potential buyer could make his offer contingent on having the house tested for radon. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined an action level of 4 pCi/L annual average for remediation of indoor radon and they have also approved a short term test specifically for homes involved in real estate transactions.
The purpose of these short term tests is to provide a snapshot of what the radon reading was during the testing period (48 hours minimum), but not necessarily an indication of the average annual levels. Several things can affect the accuracy of a short term test, however. High winds, heavy rains, properly maintaining closed house conditions and tampering are all things that could affect the outcome of the test.
There are also long term radon tests available that run 90 days. We advise starting a long term test as soon as the decision is made to sell your house. The long term test will provide you with a more accurate reading and will help to prevent the possibility of a spike that can be encountered in a short term test. If test results are high, you will have identified the issue and can make arrangements to remediate and eliminate your radon issue before you sell. If the results are low, you will have documentation of long term radon testing that you can provide to any prospective homebuyers.
Make certain that anyone you choose to hire for radon testing is certified by either the National Radon Proficiency Program ( or the National Radon Safety Board ( If you would like to test the house yourself, just contact us to purchase your EPA-approved long term testing kit.
If you have any additional questions regarding this information, call 434-525-6941 today. DP Enterprises is here to help you with all aspects of radon testing or remediation. Also, make sure you do a radon test on the home you're moving into.
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