System Installation

Professional Radon Mitigation System Installation

All radon mitigation systems DP Enterprises installs are custom built and created in accordance with current EPA protocols, as stated in the ASTM document, ASTM E2121. Each system is installed under the guidance of a Virginia Certified Electrician and Plumber with years of experience in construction, as well as an ability to meet all applicable codes and regulations. Our systems are guaranteed to reduce radon levels to 4.0 pCi/L or lower for a period of ten years and the fans come with a factory warranty of five years. Systems can also be specifically designed and built to guarantee radon reduction to 2.0 pCi/L upon request. 

Our systems can be concealed in a closet or attic space for the purpose of staying out of sight. We can also install our systems on the exterior of your home or building, using downspout ductwork to match your specific color scheme.

When necessary, DP Enterprises uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to design the most efficient mitigation systems you can find anywhere. We employ "sniff testing" diagnostics to pinpoint the highest radon concentrations in your building which enables us to locate the pipe penetrations at the most effective locations. 

We also use a micromanometer to test air flow communications under the slab to determine the number of penetrations for the system. The ability to do these types of high-tech diagnostics is what allows us to guarantee our results for every client we work with.

If you have additional questions regarding our systems, installation or any general questions regarding radon or remediation, call 434-525-6941 today. DP Enterprises is here to assist you however we can!

Radon Mitigation Systems Installed by DP Enterprises

  1. Our systems are labeled in accordance with EPA protocols to avoid possible accidental changes to the system which could reduce its functionality.
  2. Installation and location of vent pipes and discharge pipes are installed according to EPA protocols such as ensuring the exhaust pipes are vented properly. Exhaust pipes will be vented 12 inches above the roof and at least 1 0 feet above the ground. Exhaust pipes must be vented 10 feet away from any windows, doors, or other openings where radon could re-enter your home.
  3. We never install a radon fan inside the home or in a living area: radon fans will be installed in unconditioned spaces (such as the attic or garage) or outside the home.
  4. We install a manometer with every system - a visual indicator that the radon system is working properly.
  5. All electrical work is performed under the guidance of a licensed electrician. All electrician fees are included in our quote.
  6. All warranties and maintenance instructions are reviewed with the customer and all documentation is attached to the radon mitigation system.
  7. Follow up tests are pre-paid and provided to our customers.
  8. We will reduce the radon levels in your home to below 4.0 pCi/L- Guaranteed.

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