Talk the Talk? Walk the Walk!!

Check Out Some Typical "Not to Code" Mitigation and
Other Installations

At DP Enterprises, we understand the clear importance of making sure your home or building is radon-free. Below, we have collected a sample of some of the sub-par mitigations we have run into in our years of experience. If your home or building resembles the images you see below, then DP Enterprises is the team for you. We GUARANTEE to reduce radon levels to below 4.0 pCi/L. Call us!

"Not to Code" shortcuts to be aware of:
  • Non-lockable on / off switch - all our systems include a waterproof switchbox lockable cover and conduit within sight of the fan. Not simply a wire from the fan into the house. Fan manufacturer specifications requires a switch at the fan
  • Unprotected wire on the inside - all our systems include wire encased in conduit professionally installed, not simply an unprotected wire or extension cord run to a receptacle or junction box
  • Proper wire size - all our systems include wires sized to the breaker amperage, not simply one wire fits all
Radon discharge pipes
  • Discharge point - all our systems discharge above the roof line, positioned in strict adherence to ASTM E2121 for your safety, not simply half-way up the wall, or under your overhang.
  • Secure discharge pipe - all our systems are equipped with a discharge pipe that is secure and independent, not simply "hung onto an existing downspout."
At DP Enterprises, when we say we install systems in strict accordance with the standards and codes, we mean it. The same mitigators who advertise "we repair and replace many improperly installed systems every year" are the same mitigators who have installed the pictured systems. If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk.
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